Our Mission

Get on the non-stop route to building up the underserved.

d. We believe that everyone deserves to have sufficient and healthy food, regardless of their economic status.

Our Purpose

PATH Mobile Pantry is a charitable organization whose mission is to improve the well-being of people who are underserved or without other means for getting help. We accomplish this mission through a mobilized effort with our buses, bringing direct goods such as food, school supplies, hygiene kits, clothes, and more to suppress the immediate material necessities. We also coordinate events and partnerships with local food banks, children programs, and agencies that provide essential resources for direct medical, mental, and behavioral health services.

Our Beginning

The pandemic has heavily impacted people in underserved communities who rely on charity and community clinics as their primary sources of food security, schooling, transportation, healthcare, housing, and other immediate resources. Path Mobile Pantry was started in 2020 by a group of mental health professionals from PATH Behavioral Health — they provide all ages counseling, medication management, nursing, and case management services in these vulnerable communities.

Our founders wanted to address the disproportionate number of people in our underserved communities who believe society has forgotten or given up on their ability to rise in society. PATH Mobile Pantry received donation assistance from PATH Behavior Health and purchased a used bus in the early fall of 2020. Shortly after getting the bus in working order, it was driving to needy communities in Southwestern Ohio to serve hot meals alongside hygiene supplies, clothes, and other donations. Currently, the bus does up to six events and hot meal service stops per week.

It’s an effort that has proved successful and necessary. We have been met with some in tears and declaring, “Someone does care!” This effort has healed the shame some have been feeling about their unfortunate situations. We are committed to supporting our local communities by keeping underserved individuals on our route and feeling noticed.

Moving Forward

PATH Mobile Pantry has been able to secure more small buses to add to its mobile fleet. One for South Eastern Ohio and another that will make stops in communities throughout the state of Louisiana.

We continue providing school supplies, hygiene kits, clothes, and other items as we receive donations. We are looking to secure more partnerships with food pantries, addiction centers, youth programs, and other non-profits as we continue to mobilize help for our vulnerable communities. We also continue to work closely with local agencies to align medical, mental, and behavioral health services for the people we serve.

PATH Mobile Pantry is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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